Talent Match Reports

Flexible, integrated and automated assessment reports for more contextual, fair and accurate talent decisions.

Talent Match Reports provides organisations with a range of options that present assessment results in simple graphical and competency-based formats. Highly contextual reports integrate and match assessment results from multiple providers to any weighted client or job-specific competency profile. Reports are customised to use the client’s competency language, making results line manager friendly and practically helpful.

The Changing face of the contact centre

Two trends that could shape tomorrow’s contact centres

Increasingly we see larger organisations opting to move contact centre operations back from outsourcing countries to their client base. A recent example of this was highlighted by the fact that EE is set to transfer 1,000 contact centre jobs back to the UK. The move appears to be driven by a focus towards improving the quality of service and dealing with more technical queries that require a greater amount of guidance.

Simplifying the assessment management process so that you can focus on the value add by making better decisions.

TTS solutions are deliberately contextual, flexible and integrated to enhance the quality of talent decisions. Unfortunately this value is often lost due to inefficient, frustrating and costly assessment processes.

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